Your Marketing sucks…

and so does mine.

Ouch, right!

That really hurts and I’m sorry …but it’s the truth.

And it’s from the truth that we start to bring about lasting change and better habits that contribute to a positive life and a more positive business that can grow in perpetuity.

Wouldn’t you like a silent and automatic marketing machine?

As Jim Collins says, “Face the brutal facts”.

So I’m sorry! But, I’ve confirmed what you probably already knew, right?

I get it. It hurts and I’m still building out my own marketing assets right now, so I’m with you.

But let’s do something about it.

I’m in the process of producing a new Lead Magnet for my website because the quiz I’ve got up there now really sucks and no one is doing it. Most of my interest is from referral business so I’ve “kind of ignored” my website since I set it up. DUMB

Sound familiar?

Now, a lead magnet is basically a free download- often a pdf booklet- that offers some of your best work for free so people can “sample” your expertise. A lead magnet is offered in exchange for an email address so you can commence a relationship with your prospects to slowly build the “know, like & trust” factor.

I had a killer Lead Magnet when I was in Financial Advice and Accounting. I had around 12,000 downloads and built a very active email list with a 43% open rate.  I hope to do that again shortly as I start to rebuild my profile and find my voice again.

My lead magnet is going to be called;

15 proven marketing success steps to grow a 7-figure business …OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

It’s designed to help you build your brand and revive your marketing.  It helped me develop a multi-seven figure business that was later sold for 8-figures and it’ll work for you too.

The question I have for you is…

What can you share with your prospects for FREE that can add immediate value in exchange for an email address?

The answer could be YOUR VERY OWN lead magnet.

And it’s easy to attach to your website and connect an email marketing system. So stop wasting time and let your website be your automatic marketing machine.

I promise it works!

Sing out if you need a hand, I love to help.