In this episode, queen of resilience, world champion bodybuilder, NLP master practitioner and an advocate of mental health, Scarlett O’Connor shares her journey to success and what were her drivers to achieve her goals.

Key Takeaways Guide


  • How Scarlett O’ Connor is helping people at the moment (1.00 – 2.43)
  • What is NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) and how can it help us? (2.44 – 3.59)
  • FEAR – The limiting beliefs, how they build- up during childhood and overcoming them. (4.00 – 6.34)
  • How do we know what should we do—whether to flight, fight, or freeze? (6.35 – 10.16)
  • How to release or overcome a fear to move forward (10.17 – 12.25)
  • Scarlett’s OG Story. She shares her pivot point and her purpose (12.26 – 21.15)
  • Scarlett shares how she went from coma to winning Miss Atlas to her current successes. (21.16 – 26.22)
  • Scarlett’s advice to people on how to trigger themselves to a place of change out of their fears and discomfort (26.23 – 30.55)
  • How listeners get in contact with Scarlett O’Connor (31.05 – end)