From a life of privilege, to a life in prison; Justin Paperny, a former stockbroker at UBS was sentenced to prison for fraud. Now a white collar prison consultant, Justin uses his experiences to help high profile clients prepare and cope with life behind bars.

As an author and sought after media guest (check him out on Dr Phil), Justin shares how to harness meaning and a sense of perspective whilst battling the toughest challenge of your life.


Guide to Key Takeaways


  • Justin talks about his story of origin. (1.36-3.52)
  • From a life of privilege, Justin shares how he ended up in prison (3.53-7.10)
  • The emotional and mental challenges of dealing with a prison sentence. (7.11-9.26)
  • Advice on how to deal with adjust to life in incarceration (9.27-12.28)
  • The transformation that led to Justin authoring 3 books (12.29-17.55)
  • Turning trauma of shame and blame into a catalyst for success (17.56-21.57)
  • How Justin became successful in business; the trigger and the path he took (21.58-25.28)
  • Digital marketing, sales funnels, and all the tech that Justin uses to promote (25.29-28.58)
  • How to create engagement and connection with your clients (28.59-32.49)
  • Advice for people who are starting out in business (32.50-36.45)
  • Taking ownership and responsibility; How to talk to clients who are involved in (36.46-41.17)
  • Best way to get educated in Marketing and Digital Marketing. (41.18-44.58)
    • The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert Bly
    • Great Leads by Michael Masterson and John Forde
  • How listeners get in contact with Justin Paperny (44.59-end)