Having coached and mentored some of the biggest names in online marketing, Alex Mandossian in literally the makes god-father of ‘story-selling’. In this episode Alex shares how to attract and convert high-end clients and why it’s so important to make every second count.


Guide to the Key Take Aways


Alex Mandossian’s OG Story: Alex shares how he has inspired his students to be bigger and better than him. (03:38 -06:35)

Alex shares what inspired and influence him to pursue his work. (06:36-12:43)

Alex talks through how he got to where he is and why he charges what he charges (and is it really a lot?) (12:44-14:20)

Alex explains what ethical influence means? (14:21-16:39)

Why does Alex say ‘300 seconds’ instead of ‘5 minutes’? (16:40-17:49)

What makes Alex different and why does he want to be different? (17:50-21:21)

Alex describes how building a relationship with clients is like courting/dating. (21:22-24:03)

Why does Alex thinks connections with someone is built through commiseration and not through successes? (24:04-26:36)

Alex explains why the crisis (global lockdown) is an opportunity. (26:37-28:18)

For Alex, what does a failure mean? (28:19-32:27)

Alex talks about how a business is a reflection of one’s self. (32:28-34:09)

Alex shares the books he thinks are essential for entrepreneurs. (34:10-35:08)

  • The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
  • The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

What inspires Alex Mandossian? (35:09-36:15)

How does Alex keep himself mentally fit? (36:16-38:37)

What’s the number one lead growth opportunity that Alex sees? (38:38-39:47)

  • Prepare, Plan, Produce, Promote, Profit

Alex shares how he pivots during COVID-19? (39:48-41:10)

Alex shares his thoughts on business coaching and mastermind. (41:11-43:24)

Alex talks about the tall poppy mindset. (43:25-45:42)

Alex shares his ‘executive summary’ template. How can people get in touch with Alex? /Outro/(45:43-END)