In this episode Sam explores the 10 essential steps for Launch, Scaling and Growing your business. This episode is packed with value for entrepreneurs who are serious about taking action to exponentially grow their business.


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Guide to the Key Take Aways

Identifying your client avatar (1.52 – 4.59)

Understanding your clients internal and external drivers (5.00 – 6.21)

Building essential assets within your website (6.22 – 8.28)

Designing a lead magnet that adds delivers true value (8.29 – 11.16)

Growing traffic to build your brand  and profitability per clients(11.17 – 14.05)

Developing a process to convert prospects into customers (14.06 – 15.10)

Streamlining your onboarding process (15.11 – 16.25)

Delivering on your service promises (16.26 – 17.05)

Using feedback as a powerful tool to grow your business (17.06 – 17.56)

Seeing your business as a process of evolution (17.57 – end)