Are you no longer content with steady business growth? Want to see more ROI and stand out from the pack?

In this 2 part episode, Gulliver Giles unlocks the sales techniques that every business owner needs to know. He also presents some home-truths about mindset and how it may be limiting your potential. A must listen for any business owner who is serious about 10x their business.


Guide to the Key Takeaways


  • The Armour of God – the 5 phase process to handle sales objections (2.03 – 10.14.)
  • Selling from a place of honour and pride (10.15 – 12.59)
  • Active listening and letting people know they have been heard (13.00 – 15.07)
  • Which kind of objection handling to steering clear of (15.08 – 18.20)
  • Reminding people of the problem and reframing the future (18.21 – 20.53)
  • Challenging the narrative in one’s head (20.54 – 23.08)
  • Not taking rejection personally (23.09 -26.30)
  • How to get in contact with Gulliver and Strategic Anarchy (26.31 – end)