The Renowned Sales Guru, Gulliver Giles (Part Two)

By 23 February 2021 No Comments

Are you no longer content with steady business growth? Want to see more ROI and stand out from the pack?

In this 2 part episode, Gulliver Giles unlocks the sales techniques that every business owner needs to know. He also presents some home-truths about mindset and how it may be limiting your potential. A must listen for any business owner who is serious about 10x their business.


Guide to the Key Takeaways


  • The Armour of God – the 5 phase process to handle sales objections (2.03 – 10.14.)
  • Selling from a place of honour and pride (10.15 – 12.59)
  • Active listening and letting people know they have been heard (13.00 – 15.07)
  • Which kind of objection handling to steering clear of (15.08 – 18.20)
  • Reminding people of the problem and reframing the future (18.21 – 20.53)
  • Challenging the narrative in one’s head (20.54 – 23.08)
  • Not taking rejection personally (23.09 -26.30)
  • How to get in contact with Gulliver and Strategic Anarchy (26.31 – end)