ClickFunnels; The $150M+ Marketing and Sales Funnel Tool That Helps You To Launch Grow and Scale, with CEO Dave Woodward

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In this episode, Dave Woodward shares how he channelled his painful experiences into inspiration for one of the most creative tools in business: Sales Funnels.

In his current role as CEO of the famous ClickFunnels, Dave talks about the evolution of his company and how it’s grown into a $150M+ marketing and sales funnel tool.


Guide to the Key Takeaways

  • Dave shares his origin story on how he became CEO of ClickFunnels. (2.50 – 4.11)
  • What is ClickFunnels and how does it work? (4.12 – 5.39)
  • How can ClickFunnels be used to grow a business? (5.40 – 7.54)
  • Dave explains the education process towards the evolution of ClickFunnels. (9.10 – 10.32)
  • Dave reflects on the three different markets as explained by Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets: health, wealth, relationships. (10.33 – 12.07)
  • Dave delves on the evolution of ClickFunnels—where did they come from and where are they headed? (12.08 – 14.12)
  • Dave explains why the important key in his business is ‘to follow-up’. (14.13 – 16.45)
  • Importance of social media and online communication (e.g. emails, messenger). (17.39 – 18.05)
  • What does a funnel look like for a professional service business? (18.06 – 22.21)
  • How do OTOs (one-time-offers) work in ClickFunnels? (22.22 – 26.49)
  • What does a funnel look like for an e-commerce business? (26.50 – 30.14)
  • What should people be looking for, in terms of statistics or analytics, to know the return of investments in their assets? (30.15 – 36.14)
  • Dave talks about creation versus sedation. (36.15 – 40.09)
  • What was Dave’s slingshot move to pick himself back up during those hard moments in his life? (40.10 – 42.18)